Canterbury's Essential Lunch Spot

In this podcast we pop-in to sit down with Laurent, who runs the Sandwhich Bar - a favourite lunch spot among many, right on St Margaret’s Street, just opposite another one of our favourite places, the Micro Roastery, run by Erika.

How can we introduce Laurent in a way which truly does justice to his character? Perhaps if we told you, that in our opinion Laurent truly represents the heart and soul of the Castle Quarter, you’d understand that Laurent is the reason to stop by. That said, his egg mayo baguette oozes decadence - and that is not a word generally used to describe a sandwich, let alone a simple egg mayo one.

The Sandwhich Bar’s facade, whilst unassuming, has a hint of the belle epoch. Parlez vous francais? Laurent insists on it. Step inside and his warm accueil offers an escape from everyday life and an opportunity to brush up on your French.

Our advice? If you’re hungry, get your lunch in early - Laurent’s place is seriously popular. Enjoy listening to Laurent’s story.

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