Why Stag is so much more than just coffee

Meet Freddie, the founder of Stag Coffee on St Margaret’s Street, just on the corner of the Marlowe Arcade.

If like us you’ve been wondering what’s behind the name, well we have great news for you. In this podcast, we get the opportunity to put exactly that question to Freddie and well… what can we say? The answer wasn’t quite what we expected to hear.

Sometimes, we think we know a place just by passing by or stopping there for a bite to eat or a coffee. More often than not, that’s where the experience starts and finishes. Freddie can only be described as a business owner with ideas and a lot of passion - not only for food, but the food experience.

In today’s podcast, we go behind the scenes to get a glimpse of Freddie’s passion for food and a sneak peek on his plans to host a series of themed event evenings combining food, drinks and entertainment all in one place.

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