Veganuary is here and Canterbury's independent businesses in the Castle Quarter have you covered. Whether you're curious to put some vegan fashion to the test, or keen to try something new as you go meat free, here are six reasons to make your Veganuary vows in the Castle Quarter.

Kicking off Veganuary with... fashion

As we kick-off Veganuary in Canterbury's Castle Quarter, we're shining a light on Superdry, who are going all out in their commitment to bring vegan choices to the world of fashion.

Check-out this video with Serin from the Vegan Society, where they focus on the importance of providing ethical choices for consumers who are seeking it.

Discover Superdry's vegan range right at the top of St Margaret's Street.

Veganuary is all about origins

The acclaimed Cook's Tale restaurant on Beer Cart Lane reminds us that the Indian origins of their culinary inspo are rooted in a country with a food culture that celebrates the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. Did you know that there are more than 500 million people in India who consider themselves to be vegan?

Discover The Cook's Tale's vegan offering this Veganuary and get a taste of culture rooted in veganism.

Have a Vegan Social Affair

If you're looking for something a little... well, casual, then check-out the Cosy Club on Canterbury's St. Margaret's Street, serving up an extensive menu of vegan options together with a delectable array of cocktails and casual dining options.

Take the Vegan Challenge

Could you tell the difference? Hotel Chocolat are confident you won't be able to tell the difference with their 45% cacao vegan chocolates which promise the smoothness of rich and creamy milk chocolate with none of the... dairy.

Made from nutmilk, this is a range you definitely have to try for yourself. Find Hotel Chocolat right at the top of St. Margaret's Street and challenge yourself to see the difference.

Ever tried a Vegan Hot Chocolate?

If you're impressed by Hotel Chocolat's 45% vegan chocolate, then why not top-it-off with a cup of warm hot chocolate. This one of a kind is a must try - completed with your favourite dairy alternative and you really can enjoy a little conscious indulgence.

Vegan Without Compromise

If you really want those to die for duck fries, burgers and milkshakes from the Notorious B.R.G. on Castle Street without compromise then don't worry, they've got your back. With the promise of a 100% alternative menu, you can be sure that going meat free this Veganuary doesn't require compromise.

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